December 8, 2016


Lauren Jauregui Goes Solo on Marian Hill's 'Back to Me'

Lauren Jauregui has spread her wings and left the Fifth Harmony nest on a new track with pop duo Marian Hill. If only for one song, Jauregui's smooth, husky voice finds a home on the trippy, hip-hop-tinged song.

"Back to Me" has the badassery of a cool girl confident that she'll get a dude wrapped around her finger. 

Jauregui and Samantha Gongol switch off on sensual verses, as if taking turns luring in their prey. "Baby, can you shut up because I don't need you to come up with excuses," Jauregui sings, tangling her verse around a sparse, glitchy beat. "I just need your eyes on me so I can see you watching me movin'."

In an email to The Fader, where the song premiered, Jauregui had this to say:

“Being able to form a genuine connection with them and then write together on this track was such an honor. I'm happy to be able to give people a snippet of my vibe for the first time in collaboration with them. I’m very proud of this track so I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Check 5H interview Little Mix for Fuse: