January 10, 2017


Alicia Keys & Kaytranada's 'Sweet F’in Love' Is Blissful R&B Heaven: Listen

Alicia Keys' fluttery vocals were always a perfect match for Kaytranada's throwback dance floor beats, so it's a wonder the two artists are just now collaborating. Nevertheless, their “Sweet F’in Love" (shared by Keys' husband Swizz Beatz last night) is definitely worth the wait.

"I'm talkin' 'bout sweet, sweet f'in love," the singer breathily muses over the minimal, sparkling production. There's not much to the lyrics, with Kaytranada letting his melody do most of the work to fill you up with sensual warmth.

The collaboration comes after the November release of Keys' sixth album Free and Kaytranada's debut 99.9% album. Next up, bring it back to 2010 where Alicia Keys reflects on the impact of "Empire State of Mind with Fuse: