July 20, 2017


Tyler, the Creator Drops New Song 'I Ain't Got Time!,' Confirms Album Name

Tyler, the Creator's fourth LP is about to drop, and in the meantime, he's been teasing us with a steady stream of new music.

His latest, "I Ain't Got Time!," is a driving, jangly psychedelic joint that has the same synth-y vibe as "Who Dat Boy." The song was created in-between recording sessions of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo. While 'Ye was taking a siesta, Tyler started creating.

"There was a mic right here, and [I said to engineer Noah Goldstein], 'Just start recording me.' I just started smacking, started clapping, started making weird noises and then added a [bass sound]," he told Zane Lowe of Beats 1 Radio. "I was like, 'Kanye should take this song. He would sound so much cooler saying, "I ain't got time!" than me.'"

Turns out, Kanye wasn't into it so we've got another track for Flower Boy instead. (We're not mad about it.) Another fun fact? Tyler really, really wanted Nicki Minaj to do a guest verse on the new track, but she couldn't think of a verse to lay down.  

Speaking of that new album, Tyler's rep has clarified to Pitchfork that the name isn't actually Scum Fuck Flower Boy like originally thought. The official title is just Flower Boy, despite Tyler using the acronym "SFFB" on tons of posts promoting the new release and the YouTube descriptions of the new songs.

You can nab Flower Boy in full on July 21. Next up, watch a throwback interview of Mac Miller discussing his Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt collabs: