August 7, 2017


Diplo & Calvin Harris Start Twitter Feud in First Episode of 'What Would Diplo Do?'

What would Diplo do? Well, in the first episode of "What Would Diplo Do?" starring James Van Der Beek as Diplo, he takes off his shirt to meditate, unsuccessfully tries to fend off ninjas in his brain, and engages in a bro-tastic Twitter beef with fellow music producer Calvin Harris. Watch it all unfold in the video above.

"I think I'm going to take my shirt off. Yeah, there we go. That's it. I should get a picture of me meditating. That'd be a good one for the 'gram," James Van Der Beek's Diplo says to himself. "Jesus said, 'Don't judge.' I'm hungry I need a burrito. Yo, meditation is for pussies."

The nearly half-hour episode is the first of six weekly episodes from Viceland, which used Mad Decent Block Party's "Day in the Life of Diplo" commercial as inspiration for this full-blown series.  

Written and produced by Dawson's Creek alum Van Der Beek and Diplo, the series so far is filled with hilarious witty remarks seemingly tailor-made for Millennials, like this one: "I bet if Jesus was on Twitter, he'd have more followers than Buddha, except Buddha talked like a tweet, like super short and confusing." 

Speaking of shirtless "Diplo," here's a gallery of some of the world's hottest DJs: