February 23, 2018


Towkio & SZA's 'Morning View' Song Feels Like Warm Sunshine on Your Skin: Listen

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It has been a gloomy and rainy week here in New York City, but Towkio made all that dreariness fade away with the release of his debut album, WWW. The album's standout track is "Morning View," a collaboration with SZA.

The song is the musical equivalent of feeling the warm rays soak into your skin as you watch the sun rise from your window. Towkio, a rapper from Chicago, trades his bars for airy vocals. "Good morning, face's out of pillow sheet / I watch you dream / Only time you seem at peace / I've fallen into routine / We fight, fuck, then fall asleep," he sings. SZA anchors "Morning View" with her signature fairy-like vocal tone. A majority of recent songs from rappers have been weighed down by tough trap beats and pill-popping lyrics, so this track serves as a breath of fresh vibes.

Along with the dreamy "Morning View," Towkio's WWW. album also features collaborations with Teddy Jackson, rising Chicago pop singer-songwriter Njomza, Grace Weber and fellow Chi-town rapper Vic Mensa. Prior to its release, Towkio promoted the record by going up 100,000 feet in a helium balloon and then listened to the album through a speaker while floating back down to earth. 

"With that, I’m going to be the first rapper—the first artist—to go to space. I’m gonna drop my album and listen to it from space. I’m not scared because if I’m not supposed to be here, He would’ve got rid of me already," Towkio told DJ Booth about his helium ballon excursion. "I have no fear in my heart. This is my legacy. Even though it’s a small fragment in the timeline of the earth, it’ll still be one to inspire change. If I can inspire one person, that’s it, but I’m inspiring the whole planet." It was definitely the most creative album marketing plan so far this year!

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