December 10, 2013


Alicia Keys, John Legend Perform "Redemption Song" as Mandela Tribute

In 1980, as Nelson Mandela was languishing in his sixteenth year of prison, Bob Marley famously wrote "How long shall they kill our prophets/While we stand aside and look?" on "Redemption Song." While on tour in Australia, Alicia Keys and John Legend honored the civil rights leader with a cover of Marley's iconic song.

“We wanted to do something special for you in honor of the great Nelson Mandela, who I feel so moved by in every way,” said Keys (via Rap-Up). “What an incredible life lived and what an inspiration for us to all carry forward.”

Keys performed for Mandela at the Mandela Day concert for his 91st birthday. “I was in awe of a man whose soul was filled with an effortless and rare love that only comes once in a lifetime,” she said. “He was a gentle man with a beautiful smile, and deep eyes that always saw the best in humanity. His legacy lives on in all of us.”