April 25, 2014


Estelle Compares Alicia Keys' Sexy Style & Foxes' Sweet Look

Chocolate and vanilla. Sweet and sour. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Everyone loves two great opposites together. On this week's Glam or Sham, we compare a grungy, sexy music video look from Alicia Keys and a demure, sweet video style from British songbird Foxes. We have special guest Estelle offering commentary as well as our NYC street fashion critics. Let's get into it.

First up is Alicia Keys' heroic, super sultry style in "It's On Again," the latest song released off The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. Our all-star judge Estelle applauds the punk-y look. "I think it's glam, I like this look on her," she says. "Rock out, Alicia! You just had a baby, you look great!" One of our man-on-the-street guests notes, "It's totally channeling this re-appropriating punk culture thing that's fashion's doing right now."

On the other hand, we have a soft, cute look from "Clarity" vocalist Foxes, who's hoping for a stateside solo breakout with new video "Holding Onto Heaven." Our "American Boy" singer/rapper judge cheers, "I love that whole look! Foxes keep the bangs, the makeup is perfect. Keep going my love, it works for you. Your music is awesome!" Another show guest adds, "I like how her bangs and blouse are parallel and they go together." Very insightful.

While Foxes has yet to blow up worldwide, don't assume this Glam or Sham battle belongs to Alicia just yet! In last week's battle, Swedish newcomer Miriam Bryant's white-hot look from Zedd's "Find You" video crushed Ellie Goulding's edgy style with nearly 95 percent of the votes. Let your voice be heard!

Are You More Tempted By Sweet or Sexy? Whose Outfit Is More Glam?

Alicia Keys in "It's On Again"
Foxes in "Holding Onto Heaven"
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