April 24, 2014


Katy Perry Dons 5 Bizarre Disguises to Ruin Real-Life Parties in "Birthday" Video

After revealing that she wanted to shed her "sexual" image earlier this week, Katy Perry has unleashed a video where she looks more unappealing than ever before—and it's awesome.

In the video for new single "Birthday," Perry ruins five real-life birthday parties as the "world's worst birthday party entertainers." Her characters include decrepit exotic dancer Goldie, the depressed and drunk birthday clown Kriss, a Twitter-obsessed face-painter with no artistic ability and two other must-see goofballs. 

According to the vid, "In April 2014, Katy Perry attended five birthday parties... only no one knew it was her." This allowed her (and her undercover agents) to pull off the pranks and get a hilarious music video of the chaos that ensued. 

While we knew Katy had some comedic acting chops—remember Kathryn Beth Terry from "Last Friday Night"?—you've never seen her go full-on makeup & costume. It's still the same kitsch we've come to expect from the star, but this time with some much-welcome grossness.