July 31, 2014


Katy Perry Rocks 12 Zany Looks For "This Is How We Do" Video

Miley Cyrus isn't the only one singing about staying up all night with her girlfriends: Katy Perry's just released the video for "This Is How We Do," and it's got as much going on as Miley's own "We Can't Stop" as far as surreal antics and technicolor dreamscapes go.

Instead of french fry skulls and giant teddy bears, we've got two-dimensional cartoon ice cream sandwiches, a twerking ice cream cone, a bunch of dancers copping Pee Wee Herman's style and a variety of different looks perfect for everything from driving to dancing to hanging poolside to getting your nails did. (Katy goes through a whopping 12 costume changes in 3:30. We counted.)

The super vibrant aesthetic is similar to that of the lyric video for the same track. It's not quite as in-your-face as "We Can't Stop," but "This Is How We Do" is another party anthem to throw into rotation when you want to head out on the town with your favorite people. Giving Katy's "This Is How We Do" your full attention won't be too hard, because it's not every day you see one of your favorite pop stars breaking it down alongside some snacks with sick moves!