March 10, 2016


#TBT 2008: Remember When Katy Perry Spewed Her Love for Freddie Mercury

Back before Katy Perry was an alien in outerspace or partying with Kenny G, she was kissing girls and liking it. We're remembering those simple times with this old-school video from out Fuse vault for our latest #ThrowbackThursday.

We're revisiting this interview from 2008, when Katy sat down with us to talk about her musical influences. Her biggest influence, she told us, was "a band called Queen." Maybe you've heard of them?

Duh! Perry goes on to explain why lead singer Freddie Mercury was the perfect, hard-working, spontaneous rock star, and how he inspired her to become a spectacle of an artist.

"I have a shrine of him," she told Fuse. "He is my utmost idea of greatness. He was just so flamboyant and had a larger-than-life personality."

Watch the video above to hear Katy Perry talk about Freddie's epic impact, and then come back to 2016 to revisit the best pics from her Prismatic World Tour.