October 11, 2019


IDK Releases Post-Debut Album Stress At The Wrecking Room

IDK is one of those rare rappers who not only has a hugely ambitious vision when it comes to his music, but the clarity to match it. After all, his debut album ‘IsHeReal’ literally questions the existence of God, but his lyricism in tracks like “Digital,” and “Alone” ground the question in visceral experiences. It’s no wonder has been compared to the early works of K-dot himself. 

With collabs with the likes of Pusha T, JID, and Tyler the Creator, it’s only a matter of time before the high-minded lyricist makes the jump from underground star to something bigger. In ‘IsHeReal’ IDK gets cathartic and lets loose about certain topics that he was holding in his heart, so of course we had to give him the opportunity to blow off some more steam in a different way: by wrecking things as a guest on our series, Wreckreation. 

The “Porno” rapper joined us to smash some bottles, TVs, mirrors, and more while chatting about making the best work he can, connecting with listeners just by being honest with himself, and his biggest pet peeves. 

Among his pet peeves? People who are slow for no reason and people who have bad taste in music. 

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