November 13, 2019


Casanova Does ASMR with Mac and Cheese, Talks Past Gang Lifestyle & New Music

When it comes to New York City rappers, you either go hard or go home. With names like Jay-Z50 Cent, Nas, Fabolous and Young M.A there's a different type of swag and confidence that rappers born in the Big Apple have. There's almost no better example today than Brooklyn-bred rapper, Casanova, who brings both tenacity and authenticity when it comes to the rap game. 

While he has already captivated the world with his #SoBrookyln challenge, Casanova is letting us know that he's here to stay and is not to be messed with when it comes to rap. With his new album Behind These Scars, he not only wanted to be vulnerable, but also wanted to show his millions of fans that you can come from nothing, have "scars" and still come out on the top, a story he is too familiar with. 

"My biggest scar would be people leaving me for dead when I need them the most, I think I never really got over that, it never really healed, it's like internal bleeding," the "Woah" rapper whispered in our latest episode of Mind Massage.

The ASMR session did take a turn—things got a little "freaky" with some mac and cheese, but you'll have to watch the whole clip to find out exactly how.

Did you enjoy this episode of Mind Massage? Make sure to massage your mind with the full video above to watch Casanova explore a toy gun, mac and cheese and more! Be sure to check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel